Fresh Water Vending in Tampa, Florida

Enjoy cool, refreshing drinking water straight from natural wells at The Water Huts. Count on us to be your source for fresh water vending in Tampa, Florida. No chlorine, no additives, no chemicals whatsoever—only fresh, clean water at a price you can afford.  Remember - bring and use your own containers.

Finally! Affordable Drinking Water

The Water Huts offers only the best drinking water for just 25¢ per gallon! Better still, our water vending machines accept both 1 and 5-gallon jugs, so be sure to stock up now.

Do Your Part To Protect The Environment

By cleaning and reusing your own water containers, you can help keep our landfills free from additional plastic bottles.

The Water Huts Offers:

• Fresh Water 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week
• Convenient Parking, including Handicap Parking
• Easy Access
• A Secure, Well-Lit Area

A History of Quality Service

Family-owned-and-operated for more than 20 years, The Water Huts has been providing refreshing natural well water to the community for generations.

We discovered our well decades ago when we were irrigating an orange grove. After that, we decided to set up a fresh water vending machine so that everyone could enjoy our extraordinary healthy water.

Great-Tasting, Fresh Water Vending

While the local municipal water is perfectly safe to drink, many people find they don’t like the taste. Furthermore, municipal water is treated with fluoride or chlorine, among other chemicals, to decontaminate it. This water treatment process removes many beneficial minerals often found in Florida well water.

Our well water is purified thanks to the Earth’s natural processes and retains all its minerals. In addition, it has a crisp, refreshing taste that no municipal water can match. Get a drink from our fresh water vending today and you’ll never want to go back to the tap.

An Unbeatable Price

How much are you paying for bottled water? Too much, most likely. Likewise, there’s no telling how “fresh” that water actually is--it could have been sitting in its plastic container for weeks, months, or even years, absorbing the plastic’s strange taste.

At just 25¢ per gallon, our water vending machine offers you an unbeatable price. You can buy as much water as you want from our 10 machines, paying with either cash or your credit card. Furthermore, our water comes directly from Florida’s famous aquifer, so you know it’s really fresh.

Contact us right away at (877) 646-1206 in Trinity, Florida, for fresh well water vending sales at a price you can afford. We’re located in Trinity, Florida, and serve people from throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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Contact us today to learn more about our exclusive well water vending machines. We provide the freshest drinking water in the area.

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